Overall, my sister, friends and I had a blast. Batanes was great, and our experience with Batanes Travel and Tours and Batanes Resort made it even better. We didn’t mind the amount of money we spent since we felt every centavo was well worth it. We wouldn’t hesitate to book with Batanes Travel and Tours again or stay at Batanes Resort on our next trip to Batanes.

– Couch Potato Chronicles

We, Jaime, Elisa, and Rachelle Mariposa of Quezon City, were very happy the way our vacation to Batanes turns out to be. Facing uncertainties due to unpredictable weather last January, all doubts quickly evaporated upon landing in Basco airport. Breath taking scenery plus the warm welcome that greeted us, overcome the coldness that we felt when we arrived. The accommodations, food, are very good,and the guide, well versed and very insightful.Very, very much satisfied and given the chance to return, why not?

– Mariposa Family

If people want good beaches, that is not Batanes, that is Boracay. If they want good forests, that is Palawan or Davao. What we have here is what we all Filipinos had before things were changed by progress. We are very serious about cultural preservation and we hope people will appreciate our efforts. The beauty of Batanes will speak for itself.


Thank you for exposing us to the ingenuity of the people from Batanes. Thank you for making our honeymoon trip enjoyable. We definitely made the right choice here. 🙂 Please keep Batanes away from the bad influence of commercialism because the simple of the people and your resources are your best assets!We love Batanes!

– Allan Alcanatra & Party

Batanes is such a wonder. No words could express its essence. A must place to see and I truly admire people like you and the locals who put effort in preserving such a wonderful gift. Please keep it as is and allow it to be there for future generations to enjoy. Overall, arrangements, staff, locals have been excellent. I would just like suggest that the inns, hotels provide more information on their places, as this is the aspect where travellers preferences differ. As for me, I came to see Batanes so I am not particular with accommodation, I just need a place to sleep. But back home, my friend would surely ask for recommendations for a hotel and all I would say is for them to check the website as definitely, their tastes would differ from mine. Again, thank you for the excellent service and for sharing with us your beautiful home.

– Bernadette Aboy & Party

Your place is really beautiful, people are really friendly. It was a wonderful experienced for us and looking forward to come back again.

– Enrico Ignacio

My experience in Batanes was great and wonderful. Beautiful and outraging sceneries. Courteous people every where we go. Super friendly tour guide Ms. Tita Donato. The service was great. Delicious food. Unique road signs “BLOW UR HORN”. Batanes was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. Cleanest and greenest. We would surely love to come back. 🙂

– Agnes Paras & Party

Everything said about Batanes is true: the breathtaking landscape, the friendly people and the unique culture. The people of Batanes Travel and Tours were very accommodating from the time I landed until boarding time of my return trip. I recommend their services to others.

– Edwin Capili

Batanes is a slice of heaven! The views are breathtaking- picturesque lighthouses, cattle grazing on dramatic cliffs, waves smashing on natural rock formations, ruins of stonehouses and scenes from daily village life. BTT gave us a private tour so important to photographers who need not worry about being hurried. We took our sweet time capturing moments and immortalizing the place in photos. Thank you BTT for a tour tailored to our needs and interests. You made it a breeze for us to enjoy the sceneries, the food and the hospitality of the Ivatans. Now officially our favorite destination in the Phlippines – Batanes! Will definitely book again with BTT! Thanks to our guide Wilbert, our van driver Jack and of course our tour coordinator, Dominic! See you all again soon!

– Alana Palomique & Party

My husband and friends always talked about going to Batanes so we were excited to finally push through last April. We were amazed by the beauty of this island as well as the generous nature of the people. Special thanks to our tour guide, Nelson Balanoba and the staff at Batanes Resort for their patience and time and effort to make sure our trip was a wonderful experience. You will definitely be recommended to our friends who have vowed to visit soon after seeing the pictures of our visit. Best of luck! – Io, Bryan, Tina, Rain, Raffy

– Io Cabrera

The tour was a pleasant experience

– Maria Teresa S. Ortiz (January 1-4, 2015)

Overall, the service is excellent. For sure we will recommend Batanes as part of the bucket list to travel. It is so beautiful and we tell our friends about it.

– Teresita Toque (January 2-4, 2015)

We recommend your agency to our relatives and friends. Satisfied in your services. Thank you so much!

– Layda Yosinde (January 20-22, 2015)

Mike Jeff Biccay/Jess Baccay are both very courteous and friendly. Jeff knows even the smallest details of the places we visited (e.g. lamp post at San Carlos Borromeo Church, barangay color coding, rules and regulations on the road, etc.) I commedn Jeff Biccay for ensuring our safety and for anticipating our need for help/assistance – thanks a lot. We will recommend to our family and friends to visit Batanes.

– Acelia Q. Veleña and Novella Q. Veleña (January 20-23, 2015)

It was a once in a lifetime experience in Batanes. We had a grand time and everything went on smoothly. Good accommodation, good food, good comfort with good friends!

– Ma. Cecilia C. Viray (February 2-6, 2015)

The food and service show your calm characteristics that I can feel that innate quality of your people. The gentleness and courtesy is not exaggerated.

Thank you for your council of elders who wants to pursue your authenticity. Wishing your island the best of every beauty it will ooze.  I enjoyed my stay here. Hope I will bring my children back here.

– Maggie (February 2-6, 2015)

I enjoyed my stay in Batanes. A respectable, friendly people in general plus the very beautiful place; beaches, islands, I love them all, especially the fresh air and clean water and environment as a whole! Keep up the good work. Cheers!

– Josefina A. Yu (February 2-6, 2015)

MJ and Kuya Richard were accommodating, courteous, friendly, and fun to be with. They respond promptly  to our requests. They were great in doing their job. Thumbs up for a job well done. The hotel is clean and comfortable. The staff were courteous and attentive to our requests. The itinerary was great and worth it for the costs including the car service. No more hassle on our part as guests. Will surely want to come back and also refer to our colleagues who plan to visit Batanes. Dream come true for this trip.

– Juana Lyn Valenzuela (February 7-15, 2015)

We’re happy with the quality of service Batanes Travel and Tours has offered and showed. We’re eager to come back for more jam-packed adventures and we will surely choose your service again.

Will let our friends know about BTT. Thank you so much for being part of our unforgettable experience. We will miss Batanes soooo much! Dios mamajes!!

– Abigail Corpuz and John Carell Fabaeeir (February 12-15, 2015)

We highly recommend your guide who guided us very well. he is very resourceful, respectful, kind, and considerate. Our tour guide is Jeff Viccay. Thank you very much!

– Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo R. Baguisa and Mr. and Mrs. Rolando Siwa (February 22-25, 2015)

Batanes is love. I would surely come back here in Batanes. Spectacular view – New Zealand of the Philippines!

– Jane Yu (February 25-28, 2015)

Dhan was a great guide – appreciate his help very much! Kudos to the team who organized the trip!

– Marcelo Family (March 5-8, 2015)

We commend Mr. Dick and Jeff for being a very good driver and tour guide. We felt very comfortable in all their services and I thank Mr. Nelson for all the assistance he extended to me and my group in arranging our hotel accommodations and tour itineraries. Thank you and God bless you all. Rest assured we will highly recommend BTT to our friends in Manila.

– Peggy M. Velando (March 8-11, 2015)

We commend Dan as our tour coordinator to be very knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating to us. Very good travel guide.

– Teresa Santos (March 8-11, 2015)

My husband and I enjoyed our Batanes trip! Aside from the beautiful tourist attractions, your services were really a great factor that made our trip more enjoyable. The tour guide (Genward Ibañes) was very nice and knowledgeable about Batanes and its rich culture! Definitely we will recommend Batanes Travel and Tours to our friends and relatives. Thank you!

– Loraine Sia (March 9-11, 2015)


Tell us about what you think of your trip to Batanes with us. Your thoughts, good or bad, is very valuable that drives us in improving our services.