Going to Batanes

1. How do we go to Batanes?
– You can go to Batanes by airplane from Manila to Basco and from Tuguegarao to Basco.

2. What are the airlines that goes to Batanes,  Schedule and Rates?
– Daily Flight by PAL Express and Skyjet, they are the only 2 aircraft servicing Batanes from Manila and Skypasada from Tuguegarao to Batanes.
PAL & Skyjet Roundtrip Airfare
Promo: Php 8,450+ Regular: Php 12,600+ Peak Season: Php 15,450+

Skypasada Roundtrip Airfare Php 9,000

3. How can I get promo airfare?
You can get a cheaper airfare thru online. Booking in advance at least 2 months in advance would give you a great advantage to get the lower airfare compare to booking just in a week. Or by going to travel fairs. Below are the airline website to Batanes.
Skyjet –
Skypasada –

4. Can you book our airline tickets?
– Yes, we can book your airline tickets. We can access the cheaper airfare just request the dates. Please contact us for us to check the updated promo that you may avail and provide you more accurate quotation for your package.

About the Tour Packages

1. What is your Hotel + Eco-Tour Packages?
– These  are the packages that has the rate with the choice of your Hotel and includes eco-tour packages with your tours, accommodation, all fees. Basically it has the complete land arrangement. Rates are from 1 pax and more.

2. What is Eco-Tour Packages?
– Eco-Tour Packages includes Batan Tour, Batan South Tour and Sabtang island tour this is ideal for 4D3N and 5D4N packages. This is a 3 days tours. And without Sabtang Tour if only 3D2N, which only includes Batan North and Batan South tour, 2 days tour. But if ever you request Sabtang for 3D2N this is possible provided there will be additional rate 2,500 per person. This eco-tour package covers your most needs for your entire stay and tour in Batanes.

3. Do you have tour itinerary?
– Yes, please review the link below.

4. What are the tour inclusions of the package?
– Please review the link below.

5. What are the payment options?
– Please review the link below.

6. Why do we take package from your company?
– Because of our experience in the industry as a local operator and our private guided travel that begins from your booking with us until your return in your home with experience of Batanes. We are DOT accredited in Batanes that offers Airline Ticket, Hotel Accommodation and Tours. We are now on our 9th year in operation.

7. What makes your package unique with other tour packages?
– Because we let you control of your tour rather than us to be in control by adjusting tours according to your interests and needs. What we provide is the best that Batanes can offer. Here are some unique experience you may have from us.
7.1 Food. About the food we want you to experience what Batanes can offer about the food. We have been partnered with the best caterers in Batanes for years. This means not all meals will be provided by the hotel, instead in the package we want you to experience different caterers with different specialty of food. From local Ivatan food, sea foods, pic nic lunches, light house dinners. Everything included in the package.
7.2 Private Assistance. From the airport and during your entire tour in Batanes. Aside from our tour guide we have our tour coordinator manager where you can ask assistance 24 hours for your needs. This gives you peace of mind.
7.3 Team Work. With strong partnership we have with hotels, caterers, driver, boatman and our personal tour guides. Rest assured your tour package with us will be organized. We believe that with team work we share all the benefits of tourism may bring.
7.4 All-In Package. With our all-in package. This makes your tour with us less hassle. We believe in a vacation in a sit back and relax vacation and all you need is to enjoy the moment.

Hotel FAQ’s

1. This is my first time in Batanes. What hotel can you suggest?
– Fundacion Pacita, Villa Hontomin, Bernardo’s Hotel, Amboy Hometel, Batanes Seaside, Batanes Resort, Midtown Inn, Dive Batanes, Shanedel’s Inn, Brandons Lodge are the primary accommodation we could suggest.

2. I need a tv and wi-fi in a hotel. What can you recommend?
– Most of the hotels in Batanes have TV as for the wi-fi, we have limited options only Bernardo’s Hotel have internet to offer in their hotel. They charge around 1 peso per MB.

3. What is the best hotel accommodation you can suggest? Budget is not a problem.
– Fundacion Pacita

4. Is Fundacion Pacita close to Basco Town? Is it walkable in few minutes?
– No, this is located at the hill top of Chanarian Tukon and about 2-3 kms in an uphill road.

5. What are the affordable accommodation that are clean you can recommend?
– We carefully choose our partner homestays. Vatan Inn, Savatan Homestay, Father’s Inn, Casa Feliciano, Nana’s Udian, Marfel Lodge. Please contact our sales and reservation to ask the details about the accommodations. Some have common CR some have private.

Tour Package Recommendation

1. Hotel + Eco-Tours + All Meals – Should you want to have an easy and hassle free tour in Batanes. This is the package for you. We tailor fit what is the best accommodation in Batanes plus our tour services with our best partner suppliers in Batanes. Best of all this is a private. You will have your own tour guide and driver. Please review the rates below and the tour inclusions.

2. Eco-Tours Only – We give this tours to those guests who have reserved their accommodation in advance. Best of all this is also a private tour. You will have your own tour guide and driver.

3. Tatus Tours – Have you ever heard about the group tour or join tours or seat in coach (SIC) this is the package for you. This is the best and affordable tours that we can have for those guests who wants to enjoy other company during tour. The best thing you can have extra activities, like swimming biking the town or the airport, hiking in the selected package we have. Best of all this can be best partnered with our selected homestay accommodation. Please review the link for the inclusions.

4. Tell me more about homestay or Inn in Batanes?
Homestay in Batanes are technically houses where they convert their rooms to cater tourists. Some homestays totally converted their homes to make more rooms to cater tourists and here they become like Inns. Our selected homestays are the one we recommend base from our observation and feedback from our guests. Like giving us a comment they arrive as tourist but leave like a family. Please contact us to assist you to provide more details about the homestays.