Misa de Gallo December 16-24 Religious Batanes Features the daily dawn masses in preparation for the Christmas day celebration.
Misa de Gloria  (Midnight Mass) December 24 Midnight Religious Batanes Features the midnight mass to commemorate the birth of Christ. Churches in Batanes usually during the singing of the “Gloria,” a lantern or a star locally known as “kometa” makes its way from the choir loft near the church entrance to the altar to symbolize the star of Bethlehem.
Christmas Day December 25 Religious Batanes Masses were held on this day to celebrate the Christmas day.  Ivatan children usually visit their Godparents for their blessing by gesturing “kapaymanu” or placing their godparent’s hands in their forehead.  This day, some parishes will bring the Sto. Nino images to homes accompanied by church choir and a local music band. The homeowners share food and gifts to the choir and band members and the children joining the said group.